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The Car Finding will attempt to source any make, model and/or specification of vehicle requested by a client. Vehicles shown on this website are representative and included for illustration purposes only.

Tel: 07919 - 166638

Darren Crook found and bought his own car 20 years ago via the Internet, which at the time was in its infancy. The Internet opened up a new way to get the best deal on a car by sourcing vehicles nationally rather than just locally.

From then onwards family, friends and colleagues asked if he could do the same for them; some did not have access to the Internet, others couldn't easily navigate their way around it or simply did not have the time or inclination to look. Darren's new found hobby was born! Twenty years later and Darren is still being asked to find cars for people! Having realised there was a need Darren founded The Car Finding

Darren is absolutely passionate about what he does and his foremost priority is to find exactly the right car for his customers. He leaves no stone unturned until he has found you that car and you are completely satisfied.

Tel: 07919 166638 or email at

He takes personal satisfaction from finding the perfect car. This gives you a unique opportunity to buy the right car at the right price, something that wasn’t always possible when visiting local car showrooms. Over the years Darren has saved thousands of pounds for customers, using his skill and expertise to identify the very best deal available for each of his customers on their available budget.

Darren's business relies and thrives on personal recommendation and he knows that honesty, integrity and providing a personal and bespoke service, tailored exactly to providing what the customer wants, is the reason why customers put their trust in him.

When he is not trawling the Internet he follows his beloved football team, Bolton Wanderers! 

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