The Car Finding will attempt to source any make, model and/or specification of vehicle requested by a client. Vehicles shown on this website are representative and included for illustration purposes only.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What does it cost to use The Car Finding Service?

My finding fee is £500 which is payable only when you are satisfied I have found the right car for you. I do not ask for any upfront payments before or during the finding process.

Q2. Do I pay The Car Finding Service for my car?

No, you pay the seller of the car direct. I do not handle any of your money.

Q5. Can I part exchange my old car as part of the deal?

Most suppliers of new and used cars have a facility to allow you to part exchange your vehicle. I will provide details of your vehicle to potential suppliers to obtain a valuation  on your behalf. I will inform you of that valuation to enable you to decide if the changeover price for your new vehicle and taking into account your part exchange, is satisfactory to you and within your specified budget.

Q3. Do you find new and used cars?

Yes I can find both brand new as well as used cars. Predominantly most people ask me to find a brand new car or a car under 3 years old, however I have also sourced motor-homes, vans for conversion to motor-homes and specialist cars. 

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Q6. Does your finding fee include delivery of my vehicle?

No. On occasions delivery of your car may be included in the price offered by the seller. If this is not the case and if you wish me to collect your vehicle where this is possible, practicable and agreed by the seller, then a further fee payable by you will be incurred in addition to my finding fee. Details will be provided of the further fee upon your request in writing. Factors in determining the additional fee will be assessed by me at that time of your request depending on distance, time involved and reasonable costs for me to collect the vehicle and deliver it to your home address.

Q4. I don't know what car I want - do I have to have to have a specified vehicle in mind before I contact you?

No not at all. The free consultation process will enable me to provide you with Makes and Models of vehicles from which you can decide your preferred choice based on your budget and any other criteria that you might have in mind at that time.

Q9. Does your free consultation mean I have to use your service?

No not at all, you are under no obligation to use my service during or after the consultation if you decide my service does not fit your needs.If you do decide to use my service you have a 14 day 'cooling off period' and you  can cancel my service without any reason whatsoever and you will not be charged any fee.

Q7. What happens if I need finance to buy my next car?

I am not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to carry out regulated financial service activities and offer credit to consumers. I will ask for finance quotes from the seller if applicable on your behalf based on your criteria if this involves borrowing money to finance the vehicle purchase. You will be made aware of those quotes either verbally and/or in writing to help you make an informed decision as to whether the vehicle you require is within your budget. You also have the option of course to arrange your own finance from a lender of your choice.

Q8. How do I know that the car you find will be right for me?

I will find the exact car tailored to your requirements and budget based on what you have told me during your initial free consultation. I will provide you with as part of the finding process, regular updates on the vehicles available at that time within your specified criteria. You will also have the opportunity to satisfy yourself prior to finalising any sale with the seller that the vehicle is right for you.

Tel: 07919 - 166638

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